ad|dress1 W2S2 [əˈdres US əˈdres, ˈædres] n
the details of the place where someone lives or works, that you use to send them letters, emails etc
Please write your name and address on a postcard.
What's your new address?
I can give you the address of a good attorney.
home/private/website etc address
My email address is on my business card.
Please notify us of any change of address .
I can't find my address book (=a book or place on a computer where you keep a list of people's addresses) .
a 25-year-old man of no fixed address (=no permanent home)
a formal speech that someone makes to a group of people
address to
an address to the European parliament
presidential/inaugural etc address
The new President delivered his inaugural address in Creole.
3.) form/mode/style of address
the correct title or name that you should use when speaking or writing to someone
address 2
ad|dress2 W2S3 [əˈdres] v [T]
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: adresser, from dresser 'to arrange']
1.) if you address an envelope, package etc, you write on it the name and address of the person you are sending it to
address sth to sb
That letter was addressed to me.
Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope (=with your address on it so it can be sent back to you) .
2.) formal if you address a problem, you start trying to solve it
address a problem/question/issue etc
Our products address the needs of real users.
address yourself to sth
Marlowe now addressed himself to the task of searching the room.
3.) formal to speak to someone directly
She turned to address the man on her left.
4.) formal if you address remarks, complaints etc to someone, you say or write them directly to that person
You will have to address your comments to our Head Office.
5.) to make a formal speech to a large group of people
address a meeting/conference etc
He addressed an audience of 10,000 supporters.
6.) to use a particular title or name when speaking or writing to someone
address sb as sth
The president should be addressed as 'Mr. President'.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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